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Zoey Gold Petrak
One-Of-A-Kind System For Personal & Business Transformation
Transform Your Results, Your Business, Your Relationships and Your Life With Unique, Advanced & Effective: 
1-on-1 Strategic Results & Achievement Mentoring 
with Zoey Gold Results Transformation Expert
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Set Fears Aside, Rewire Your Brain, Your Conditioning, and Your Beliefs to Break Free, Unleash Your Resources, Live Life to The Fullest & Achieve Anything You Want in Life

This unique mentoring system will help you understand, at a deeper level, critical factors that influence results you are getting now in your personal, professional life, finances and business. You will understand the forces that motivate you and influence your thinking process, your feelings, decisions, behaviour, actions, results and therefore the quality of your life. You will become clear of limiting beliefs, patterns of thought and behaviour which hinder your personal, professional, business and financial success, financial freedom and abundance.

Zoey will provide you with the most effective, proven advanced core technology, tools, practices and techniques gathered through years of research, mastery and experience to release painful/limiting “baggage” and finally create a desired inner shift, you’ve heard so much about – a real Game Changer for Your Results. You will refocus and align with your intentions, vision, goals, strategy and psychology, so you can follow through, achieve desired personal, financial and business results, and design the life you are made for.

Zoey will help you expand your awareness, release resistance and fear, gain clarity, find answers, break through any limitations and see the way.

If you know there is more here for you: true fulfillment, freedom, true love, happiness, passion, flow, authenticity, results which represent the fullness of Who You Really Are inside and out, enriched, joyous, delicious life which represents magnificence of your True Essence, if you want to grow, awaken the Truth within, create an impact, leave a legacy, touch lives, contribute for the higher good, help people you love and leave everyone in a better place, just because they came in contact with you, this One-Of-A-Kind Advanced and Effective Mentoring System is for you.
“Zoey Petrak’s mission is to educate people so they can reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives and live their dreams. Zoey’s program Your Infinite Riches is really powerful, as it provides great insights on the laws of the mind and laws of the Universe.”

Bob Proctor
Expert on human mind and potential.
A leader in the power of positive thinking and self motivation

“Zoey I applaud all the good work you are doing. I wish you success in all your ventures. The world needs you and your work.”

Jack Canfield
A leader in Personal Development and Peak Performance Strategies

“Zoey I’m very impressed. Your material is first class and your product is powerful. I am very proud of you.”

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Bestselling Author
World Leading Success Mentor

“Zoey, you simply know and that makes you a cut above mankind. Combined with your urge to help, it puts you at a height only few achieve in a lifetime. Zoey is really good at what she does.”

Meir Ezra
Inventor, Banker, Owner of Multiple Businesses 
Author, Professional International Speaker

Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen or 
About Zoey Gold Petrak
Entrepreneur, International Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Seminar Leader, Strategic Results & Achievement Mentor, Peak Performance Business Mentor and Award-Winning Transformational Leader
Zoey is an author of 3 bestselling books, including an International Best Seller in 5 countries “Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe: And Live a Balanced Life Full of Miracles, Wealth, Abundance, Bliss and Triumph.” Zoey has educated and empowered thousands of people through her live seminars, books and online programs.

Zoey is an Award-Winning Transformational Leader, a Strategic Intervention Coach certified by Robbins (Tony Robbins) Madanes Training, Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner trained by Joe Vitale & Dr. Hew Len, Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP & Certified Specialist Practitioner in NHR, trained and certified by the founder Dr. Bandler, she is a CEO of Triumph of Success Inc. Zoey is a teacher with a diploma in Law and a degree in Global Politics, who has been studying Laws of Success for more than 15 years from the best mentors of the world. For years Zoey has traveled and studied from the best mentors in self-mastery, human mind and potential, success, wealth and business mastery, psychology and personal development fields.

Zoey’s unique in-depth specialized education, journey, personal & professional experience and knowledge give her a truly powerful and one of a kind perspective on how to help you connect to the Truth and Resources within, unleash your true potential, break through self-imposed limitations, get to the next level, and live the fullness of Who You Really Are in all aspects of your life.

Zoey Gold Petrak has been featured at, coached and lectured at Seneca College Employment Services, Employment Ontario, Sun Life Financial, Finer Minds by Mindvalley, Insight of the Day by Bob Proctor, The Inspiration Show by Mind Movies, Rogers TV, Toronto Star etc.

Zoey with Bryan Tracy
with Bob Proctor
with Esther Hicks
with Tony Robbins
with Jack Canfield
with Dr. Bandler
with Les Brown
with Tony Robbins
with Dr. Joe Vitale
with Mary Morrissey
Why Zoey Gold’s Unique Strategic Results & Achievement Mentoring System Is So Effective:
80% of Success is Psychology/Mindset/Inner State and 20% are Skills, Plans and Actions. Zoey’s mentoring combines the best of both worlds:
  • It provides most effective advanced core technology, practices and tools for aligning yourself internally for maximum performance, extraordinary results, fulfillment, joy and well-being.
  • It offers actionable strategies for executing your goals, plans and vision.
  • This unique combination of inner integration, alignment & readiness and inspired, effective actions are at the core of most extraordinary human achievements and also at the core of SRA Mentoring System with Zoey Gold Petrak.
  • ​It is about being, living in the Fullness of Who You Really Are inside and out.
Areas of Focus Customized for Your Needs: 
1-on-1 Mentoring Via Skype or Phone
Business/Career Growth & Financial Wealth

Reach a new level of success in business, career, professional life and finances. Align your passion and purpose with successful business strategies for extraordinary results. Lead and empower, create, innovate and expand your business, career to the new heights, so you can leave a legacy and create a positive impact and difference for the greatest good of yourself, your loved ones and everyone involved.
Extraordinary Results & Extraordinary Life
Reach a new level in personal growth, relationships, business, finances and career. Transform your personal and business results. Be in physical shape you love and deserve, improve your overall well-being, achieve extraordinary results and live a fulfilled, abundant, happy, blissful, extraordinary life to the fullest.
Relationships, Love & Connection
Reach a new level of success in business, career, professional life and finances; align your passion and purpose with successful business strategies for extraordinary results. Lead and empower, create, innovate and expand your business, career to the new heights, so you can leave a legacy and create a positive impact and difference for the greatest good of yourself, your loved ones and everyone involved.
Leadership & Influence
Maximize your profit, increase your results, operate at peak performance level, increase your sales, improve your communication skills, lead, influence, inspire and empower others. Make a difference.
Enriched & Joyous Life.
Let go of fears, stress, limiting beliefs, inner turmoil, habits that don’t serve you and false “identity”. Tap into your true essence and potential, improve your self-esteem, find your true confidence & clarity, live in a beautiful state, awaken the Truth within, love, appreciate and cherish who your really are, and live the live from your True Stand Point connected to your Core
Progress, Growth & Fulfillment
Reach a new level in spiritual growth, personal growth, emotional maturity, fulfillment and live a blissful life full of balance, joy, love, gratitude, contribution, connection, authenticity and purpose.
Apply to See if You Qualify
Available for a Limited Time! Spaces Are Limited!
Schedule Your Complimentary Strategic Results Breakthrough Session Right Now
You Can also contact Zoey Gold Petrak by email: or phone at (1)-416-917-1501
Benefits of Strategic Results & Achievement Mentoring With Zoey:
  • Free form internal turmoil, conflicts, inner tension, stress or discomfort, such as anxiety, fear, negativity, inner resistance, self-imposed limitations, self-condemnation, traumas of the past, low self-esteem, worries, emotional pain hurt and suffering, your old disempowering story.
  • Live and experience clarity, freedom, inner joy and bliss, self-love, self-appreciation, inner peace, inner strength, calmness, happiness, fulfillment, high self-esteem, empowerment, knowing, authenticity, inner invincibility, inspiration.
  • This will help to unleash your true potential, power and talents, free up space and energy necessary to execute your your goals and fulfill your vision for your life, career and business.
  • ​Be in an invincible powerful state of Who You Really Are, crucial for fulfillment of your goals and vision, for living the life by your design – a truly fulfilled & joyous life inside and out.
FREE FROM EXTERNAL TURMOIL/ Transform Your Life and Results:
  • Design and retain a powerful, compelling vision for you life and business.
  • Connect to your True Power & strengthen your Inner Resources
  • Break through any limitations and get to the next level.
  • ​Become a magnet for your ideal clients.
  • ​See and find a clear way through any life, career and business challenge.
  • Close the gap between your goals and results.
  • ​Prepare for inspired, productive, effective, massive actions.
  • ​Align with strategy and psychology to follow through and achieve desired personal, financial and business results.
  • As an outcome of the above, you will get Results that are perfect and right for you. Results that are true representation of Who You Really Are, your true potential inside and out, in your career, business, relationships, such as overall well-being, financial freedom, health, vitality, loving relationships, being in your best physical, mental and emotional shape.
  • You will give yourself a gift of feeling and living the joy, freedom and fullness of Who You Really Are, your true potential emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, grow, expand, live fully, enjoy and love yourself and your life to the fullest, enjoy your relationships and your journey and do what you came here to do and get results that are perfect and right for you.
What People Are Saying:
“After only 2 sessions with Zoey and her “You Are A Winner Program” I went from severe depression, anxiety and fear to leave my house – to speaking on the same stage as personal development experts. I am at peace with myself now, I moved out to my own place, got a new job, and started taking care of my health and fitness. Thank you Zoey you helped me get my life back when I was lost, your work is powerful and truly transformational.” 
Shareena Y.
1-on-1 Client, Canada

“Zoey is very good at what she does. She can change your life.” 
Paul F.
1-on-1 Client, Canada

“My mentoring experience with Zoey was truly powerful, easy, pleasant and very helpful in both personal results and also in my business. I’ve been to many events, of the great Masters who teach Laws of Success and Laws of the Mind. And only in Zoey’s 1-on-1 sessions I could truly feel, experience and integrate what I’ve learned and understood on a conscious level.
Zoey helped me let go of old baggage coming from my past relationship and helped me break free from old memories and limitations.
After mentoring with Zoey I feel free, inspired and drawn towards my goals, following through and doing things I wanted and was 
planning to do for a long time, but was postponing it, like something was stopping me internally. Zoey helped me break through. 
Zoey's coaching was also very practical, and helped me built the road map, gave me clarity, strategies and tools to build my second business in coaching effectively and efficiently.
I am looking forward to working with Zoey again in the future!
Zoey’s mentoring is truly one-of-a-kind, it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced before! Thank you Zoey”

1-on-1 Client, United States

"Zoey’s Results Mentoring is very powerful and was very helpful for me.
 As a result, I truly got what it means and how to love and appreciate myself. Zoey helped me release unpleasant and painful feelings associated with the past. She helped me release blocks which were stopping me from operating at a peak performance level in my business. I got clarity on what exactly I need to do to activate resources within me to get results I want. The tools and strategies Zoey shared with me really work. Zoey helped me to revitalize my business, within only a couple of sessions with Zoey I had more clients than I could handle, and I started thinking about hiring assistants.
I learned from you that the Universe is always there for me and now I focus on my happiness and life. I am thankful to God I met you!
Thank you!”

L. B.
1-on-1 client, Canada

“Wow! This material I haven’t seen from anywhere else put together in such a concise clear way. So well presented, organized, Zoey you are a master teacher. Thank yo so very much!!! Very empowering!!! Simply Amazing!!!” 
Bryan M.

“This is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. It helps you understand where you are, where you want to be and gives you tools and ideas on how to get there. Zoey inspired me to find answers that I was looking for, because of her knowledge, wisdom and special training she delivered in a mighty powerful impact.” 
Lawrence B.

“I was stuck and Zoey helped me wake up and move forward. I understood that I really have power to fulfill my dreams. Thank you Zoey for your power and knowledge which can help other people move forward. God bless you!”
Anna Boiko

“Zoey is a true master of success mentoring! She gives from a place of love, her joy and enthusiasm when sharing her gifts and wisdom are contagious! Thank you Zoey!  Clarity certainly enfolded and I truly enjoyed receiving your wisdom.”
Gillian D.

“I felt I needed this and wanted to be reminded of who I am and what I can really accomplish. Zoey is an amazing mentor in terms of projecting positive energy and helping others reach deep down and realize what it is they truly have and are able to do and achieve.”
Anton L.

Apply to See if You Qualify
Available for a Limited Time! Spaces Are Limited!
Schedule Your Complimentary Strategic Results Breakthrough Session Right Now
You Can also contact Zoey Gold Petrak by email: or phone at (1)-416-917-1501
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